We wish to be transparent, our prices will increase from February 8th in order to follow the important inflation of raw materials that we wish to keep of quality and proximity.

Home perfumes

Interior fragrances with deep olfactory tones. Delivered like a treasure in furoshiki printed by our care, it is in a burned wood box machined in manufacture that your dried flowers are arranged. The perfume you have chosen is enclosed in a labeled glass case.
Our 3 fragrances :
Wolf as a frank association, a footstep in a forest still wet from the bold shower. It is of berries and wood with a touch of citrus and pepper.
Cephalù like an air of arid Sicily, its sienna streets and fleshy lemons. Essential oils of citrus associated with patchouli and with a touch of mint.
La Badine like an air of garrigue adorning a sea shallow enough to walk on.

Contents Small 450 g / Large 800 g.
The lot includes a floral composition in a burned wood box packed in furoshiki in a fabric printed by us and a bottle of the chosen perfume with a capacity of 30ml.

The plants entering our compositions are cultivated in the park of the castle of Méritein, our manufacture of South West of France, while our fragrances, learned associations of essential oils, are assembled in the manufacture.

Starting from €95.00
Production time: 1 to 2 weeks
Production time: 1 to 2 weeks

All our objects are made to order in the castle of Méritein, our Bearn factory (South West of france).
It is therefore necessary to be patient to receive your order Georges. But on the day, you will receive an object entirely made by hand in France with passion and care.

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