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Interpreting volumes by using woven paper.
A succession of oblong shapes with various bores, Ruth is a decorative object that is both natural and contemporary.

Ruth being entirely handmade, its size can differ and each one is unique.  
Dimensions: 130 cm high by 40 cm wide. 
Can be hung directly from a hook or, for a levitating effect, hung with a fishing line.

Ruth is made entirely by hand at the Château de Méritein, our factory in Béarn (South West of France). It is woven with wired paper and then hand-dyed. It takes a minimum of 7 hours of work by expert hands to make a Ruth.

Starting from €195.00
Production time: 3 to 4 weeks
Production time: 3 to 4 weeks

All our objects are made to order in the castle of Méritein, our factory in Béarn (South West of France).
It is therefore necessary to be patient to receive your order Georges. But on the day, you will receive an object entirely made by hand in France with passion and care.

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