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Sister of Paravent, Grasses is the light and singular response to the need to delimit two worlds without making them hermetic, or to the desire to revisit the concept of curtains. This time it is no longer circles but large leaf shapes that are proposed. As for a screen, Grasses comes in trio but each leaf is attached independently.

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Compose your own trio by choosing your colors from our palette. Each sheet can be hung independently with a small brass loop, using a chain or a fishing line.
Our paint baths allow 8 parts to be tinted. Depending on the original bath, you may therefore notice a very slight shade between 2 sheets of the same color.
You can opt for color combinations in monochrome or on the contrary mix warm tones and cold tones.

Manufacturing details

All the elements of Graminées are sources in France and manufactured in our Béarnais workshop. Each leaf is entirely handmade from a French pine stick on which is stretched a cotton butter canvas painted with a mixture of natural pigments.

Manufacturing delay: 4 to 6 weeks

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