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Pendant light Pensée

Pendant light Pensée

Pensée combines brass and fabric in three wide petals. This pendant plays subtly with light, diffusing soft clarity in the room and delicate shadows on the ceiling. Its brass hoops can be stacked or layered for a sharp design.

Diameter: approx. 85 cm, E27 socket (75 watts maximum). 
Gold-plated metal ceiling rose, 3cm high by 12cm wide. 
Bulb not included.

The Pensée pendant light is entirely manufactured at our South West of France factory, the Chateau de Méritein. The brass parts are machined in our technical workshop, while each petal is entirely handcrafted from a brass hoop on which is stretched a cotton butter cloth painted by us with a blend of natural pigments. All Pensée suspension components are sourced in France.

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How to choose your stem length?
How to choose your stem length?

The size of your stem (the brass tube between the golden rosace and the socket) should be chosen according to your ceiling height and the location where you are installing your pendant light (on a walking way, above a bed or above a table). Précieuse fixture having a small petal fallout to consider, the informations below will help you choose the right length of stem.

Production time: 3 to 4 weeks
Production time: 3 to 4 weeks

All our pendant lights are handmade in the castle of Méritein, our factory in Béarn (South West on France). The natural fabrics are painted, the raw materials are sublimated, the petals come to life...
It is therefore necessary to be patient to receive your order Georges. But on the day, you will receive an object entirely made by hand in France with passion and care.

Enjoy free shipping on your order from 500€ of purchase!


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