The manufacture

An autonomous approach in the heart of the Béarn countryside

An old building with yellow walls stands in the rich countryside. Our factory, the castle.
In its thick walls follow one another in the making of our unique objects.
Each piece is dedicated to a stage of creation.



Phalanstery at the castle

About thirty people evolve there every day in a ballet of various skills. Due to the desire to subcontract to a minimum, all the progress of our objects is carried out on site. Also Véronique is in charge of the electricity division, Andréa is busy in the garden when Choukry, for her part, dyes our fabrics with natural pigments ...

A place of experimentation soon to open

In the idea of a complete proposal, the castle doors will soon be open to the public for artistic experiments of all kinds. Opening our doors has multiple possibilities, just like our objects catalog.