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Like a return to the body, to the substance, to an essential form

It all starts with Georges, 10 years ago

By the desire to create a complete universe, piece by piece, to offer a set of complementary objects, to associate them, accumulate them and move them at will. By the wish too, that this universe responds to two prerogatives. The first consists of working as much as possible independently, with locally sourced materials and very few subcontractors for the creation of our collections; the second being to design this universe around raw objects, with the revealed raw material, with the mineral and vegetable inspiration, with the minimized artisanal know-how and with the most radical and obvious lines possible. Like a drawing that you would draw in one stroke, a Chinese ink barely awakened by a point of watercolor on a leaf with a rough texture.



Georges was born this way

and we make him live by following this red thread. However, that was not enough for us. We had to go further. Further and in everything. In the search for more rare or noble raw materials, in our work of their experimentation, in the daily gesture of our little hands and the reappropriation of know-how belonging to traditional crafts or popular arts, in our concern to propose purer lines and to match materials and textures with as much purity as possible.

So the desire to create Soma imposed itself,

as a return to the body, to substance, to a form of essential. The object as a precious, full, whole and meaningful thing. Each piece is designed, prototyped and produced by our team, Mylène Niedzialkowski in the design and our workshops in the manufacturing. Each material is sourced locally or from exceptional traditional workshops, produced in our field of Méritein (Béarn, south west of France) or from the reuse of our own scraps. Each material is chosen for its ecological characteristics with the least harmful impact possible. And each was carefully selected over several years, until the creation of a material library entirely dedicated to this research. Silks from Lyon, wool from the Pyrenees, Wood from our forests, cotton from Normandy… The act written through Soma is based on the culmination of our way of creating and on the meaning we give to the object we has in the hands.

Each Soma collection will thus be an interpretation of a room in the house and will include the manufacture of all of its elements, from wall covering to that of the floor, from furniture to the most minimal object, from scent to music we listen to. A body, strong of the coherence of all its parts. And a pleasure to play with the material, from its appropriation to the most accomplished finish.